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2013 Business Excellence Awards Winners
ekn links marketing awards
ekn links marketing awards
ekn links marketing awards
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ekn links is experienced in developing the U.S. market for a wide assortment of product categories. We have helped companies create distribution channels, sales networks and marketing programs for lines of consumer goods, food, snacks, candy, gifts, toys, heath and beauty items, electronics and a number of service related businesses.


Our business connections to several industries and world markets allow us to help clients on a wide variety of projects.  We rely on a strong network of professionals in several industries to assist with all of our partners needs. ekn links first builds a working knowledge of your product and specific needs. We will then discuss a Plan Of Action (POA)™ using all of our resources.  Our services are created with you in mind, and we focus on the specific needs of each of our partners. 

Successful programs created for top accounts (plus more):

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About ekn links

ekn links es una agencia de marketing de crecimiento empresarial y desarrollo innovador.

ekn links crea compromiso con el consumidor a través de las redes sociales, el marketing y la estrategia.

ekn links se especializa en crear nuevos mercados, crear oportunidades con marcas existentes y crear grandes líderes de equipo.

El profesor Ken ha ayudado a construir negocios a nivel mundial.

Prof. Ken con el gobernador Scott en misión comercial a Brasil.

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ekn links is a growth marketing firm that focuses on  winning your customers to create lifetime value using targeted consumer engagement strategy, marketing, and social media.

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Disclaimer: Testimonial are based on what our clients share with us and assume it to be factual. We don't verify their financial statements. We don't guarantee any results and you should know that building a business and investing in marketing is a risk.